About Lord Phly

Lord Phly, is a self defined creative influencer from Raleigh, NC who refuses the label artist. It is not as if he isn't a talented artist, but because his focus is Never on the artwork itself. Phly is driven by his message and passion, “Never Apologize For being DOPE” , which is front and center and at the core of everything he creates. Though his only formal training was in his freshmen high school art class, he creates utilizing a multitude of different types of media. Phly’s artistic style incorporates acrylics, aerosols, and text on canvas, discarded objects, and the bodies of the most beautiful woman to vividly bring his message to life.

"Each day I aspire to inspire before I expire because I'd rather live enormous than lie dormant that's why we on it. Never Apologize for Being Dope."

Still early in his evolution, Phly’s message has already begun to garner attention from the NC underground art scene. Lord Phly has been featured in numerous art shows and events in 2017, most notably The Social Status "First Friday" Art showcase in Raleigh, and is a resident artist at "Wine & Art Wednesday's" at (CAZA NIGHT CLUB, Dubai Live Night Club). His creations are on display throughout the Raleigh/ Durham community at Urban Connect, Nine19 Ink Gallery, Social Status, Raleigh Club Teen Center and in the private collection of pro NFL football player Thaddeus Gibson. Beyond his creations, Phly spreads his message in other ways. He has given a platform to other local creatives on his web series "ALL Access w/@lordphly" and gives back to the community through partnerships with nonprofits like D3: Community Outreach.

Phly plans to establish himself as a one of a kind individual, respected for his creative intellect. He's also working to help others unapologetically pursue their purpose by pursuing who they are. With great passion, Lord Phly, continues to pursue his dream of a physical institution teaching the masses the six key messages of NaFbDope.